About IV League Drips

Welcome to Sydney’s Leading Mobile IV Service

IV League drips was a visionary wellness company brought to life in 2018 by Rosalie McEvedy.

It was during an eye opening trip overseas that Rosalie first discovered the efficacy of using IV drips as a means to administer vital vitamins and nutrients, especially to those who were otherwise deficient.

With over 5 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry and additional education within the nursing profession – she set about creating IV League with the knowledge and wisdom she had garnered during her time in both industries.

With the resounding popularity and success of IV vitamin therapies overseas, it led Rosalie to leave her clinical practice and focus solely on creating the IV movement back home in Australia.

Whilst Rosalie is no longer practicing clinically, she has created a team of medical professionals – each with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. 

Offering her guidance and support, Rosalie facilitates with the IV League medical team to ensure people are assisted and treated holistically to ensure their optimal wellbeing is achieved.

The IV League team assesses a wide range of people from varying health backgrounds. Identifying specific vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalances before developing structured, individualised treatment plans.

The underlying ethos remains centred on harnessing the power of preventative treatment in addressing any health concerns. 

IV League offers a novel, effective and safe means of improving the health and wellness of everyone who walks through their door. 


IV League Drips


With no two treatments alike, we’ll explore all options before prescribing your individual treatment, and won’t rush to administer treatment without careful consideration.


The first and only fully mobile Vitamin IV Drip service available in Sydney, bringing the vitamin drip to your home or workplace, for your convenience.


We’ll always identify and target underlying causes, as opposed to surface-level symptoms, helping to boost your health at a deeper level.


most experienced
IV League Drips was Sydney’s very first fully mobile Vitamin IV Drip service – we’ve been helping people get the best out of every treatment for years.